Born under the sign of Taurus on April 21, 1968, in Fürstenfeld (Steiermark/Austria).

Elementary school followed by technical training in Leoben (mechanical engineering, mill technology). First contact with technical illustrations. Started his career in 1988 at Veitscher Magnesitwerken where he became erection/installation supervisor within a short time. In this function he traveled the world and worked in all five continents. Since the beginning of his career he was always involved with art, graphic art and specifically technical illustrations (airbrush, mixing technique) which he refined as time progressed. His technical training (technical processes, perspectives, materials, surfaces, etc.) was a big advantage. In 1993, he “left” his main work until that date and set up his own artist’s studio to dedicate himself wholly to his great passion – art.

In the meantime Pablo Spitzer has been the main feature at more than 50 exhibitions and has worked very successfully as an instructor at the Volkshochschule (weekend/evening classes for adults) in Vienna. In recent years he concentrated on improvement of specific painting techniques in order to improve his talents to become an ll-rounder.

Spitzer employs all standard techniques (acryl, oil, etching with pencil or coal, aquarelle, drawing in india ink, etc.). Since 10 years Spitzer is considered to be Austria’s top
cut-away artist. On the custom-painting scene he is among the best when it comes to varnish design.

The workaholic is subjected to a continuous development process which has aved the way to extremely free and unmistakable paintings which have also heavily influenced his illustrations and design work. He experiments with other materials and onsiders his future to be in pictorial arts as a whole.

Pablo Spitzer has found his style and with his Kunst-Manufactur (Art Manufacture), located in A-2301 Großenzersdorf, Auvorstadtgasse 10, he is one of the greatest up-and-coming artists in this country.